Learning to pennyboard

12:00 am

Now, I've tried skateboarding before. I enjoyed it all of 10 minutes before I fell and sprained my ankle.

I  didn't like being (even partially) incapacitated or slowed down, so I've stayed away from 4-wheelers that don't have a seat belt. It was easy to stay away since I'd actually have to buy a board before getting on one, but since the penny board became a big thing, all I can think about is how handy that small board would be when travelling.

I didn't have the opportunity to try it out (without buying one myself) until my family friend lent me his penny. He has 3 boards - 2 longboards, and 1 penny; he came over to the house and taught me and my sister to skate one day.

I was really apprehensive; it took me about an hour before I could forget the fear of falling and injuring myself (odds are not in my favor, really) - and it was after that that I started to get the hang of it. He lent us a penny and a longboard for a few weeks; and we continued to practice in the afternoons.

I'm a long way from it feeling 'natural', but I'm now confident enough to get on without hesitation.

Since having returned his boards, the next thing to do is to buy one of my own! Can't find a place in Manila that sells it though, so far all I've seen are some knockoffs; anyone know where I can buy one here?

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