I'm too sensible to take drugs; can concerts be my vice instead?

11:08 pm

My personal recipe for the perfect concert experience:
  1. Good seats/view - you shouldn't have to watch through binoculars (or big screen); if it isn't reserved seating.... IT. IS. ON.
  2. Put your camera down! - yes, you have that itch to record and immortalize the experience, but remember that you didn't come to watch through your camera screen
  3. Comfy shoes - like a good buzz, some artists are so good that you forget that sharp pain you get from wearing heels and just dance the night away - but there will always be that dread of coming down from your concert high and realizing that (a) you've ruined your favorite pair of heels or (b) you've ruined your feet. Why not skip the pain and, instead, wear a comfy pair that you don't mind people accidentally stepping on?

    lastly - and if you don't have this last bit, it is a major setback to the perfect concert experience recipe

  4. Go with the friends who are just as excited as you are - none of this "too cool to-" nonsense; we should be able to shout out lyrics accurately and off-key during the concert
I watched the Bastille concert last April with my sisters and cousin; we lined up early enough to be front and center during the concert, which basically made the entire concert seem like a very upbeat and energetic serenade. It was a lot of jumping, dancing, singing, and freaking out about how amazing they were live. 

Because we were in front, we were able to interact with the band a bit - Dan looked at us a bunch of times (I've got proof! See below), no doubt pleased that we were singing along the entire time, and when Dan went into the crowd during Flaws, we got to have a brief "conversation" with Will about his shirt. And at the end of the show, we threw a rose up on stage which Will got and said thanks! #goodvibes

Imagine my initial reaction when I looked through my camera's videos and found this gem:

As a fan, it doesn't get better than the eye contact + nod combo. Except...

That picture on the left was during the "secret" show sponsored by The Peak 102.7 outside the Vancouver Maritime Museum earlier that same day. I snapped this before they even played the first song! My completely biased interpretation of the picture: He is a happy puppy staring into my soul/telepathically telling me to enjoy their set (which I did).

I'll be watching Bastille again when they come to Manila on January 5th! Perfect way for me to start 2015 in my opinion. Can't wait!

Oh, if you wanna check out a video compilation of some of the videos we took at the concert, click here. :)


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