In Photos: The Coronicles

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Most tourists visit Coron and Boracay when they find themselves in the Philippines. While they each have their strengths and weaknesses, I would personally recommend that you put Coron on the top of your list if you prefer the idyllic island getaway and are an avid sea lover.

It took me months to narrow down which photos to use because Coron's islands are impossibly picturesque. See for yourself.

The last time I visited Coron was over 10 years ago with family friends - so basically all the mementos I have of this trip are the awkward preteen photos we keep in our family album *cringe*. I got a chance to revisit with my Pam and Isa this year; thankfully I've changed over the years - and Coron hasn't. 

A majority of the land in the area are rich in manganese - not really vegetation friendly, which is why most hills closer to the mainland are bare. The further away you get from Coron town, the more abundant the limestone is. Other well-photographed limestone landscapes include those found in El Nido, Phuket, and parts of Indonesia.

It rained a few times for short periods when we were there, but it didn't bother us at all. It made for some dramatic clouds - which I can't get enough of.

We did a tour each day we were there, and lunch was included. Typically, we pulled up to an island with a few huts and spent about an hour stuffing our face with rice, freshly grilled fish and all the mango we could consume. Food babies are inevitable. 

We visited several places, with our highlights being Pass Island, Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Lusong Coral Garden & Shipwreck, and Barracuda Lake. Of the 3 days we did the island hopping tours, our bangka had motor problems twice! At one point, another bangka had to tow us along. Some people had a problem with it, but it really wasn't a big deal; our tour guides positive attitudes throughout the down time was infectious.


Disclaimer: if you're not much into snorkeling, you are missing at least half of the beauty of Coron. 

Some tips if this isn't your natural environment:

  • you will float in salt water. stop thrashing around.
  • keep away from the sea urchins! they look unfriendly for a reason
  • be aware of your surroundings
  • don' touch anything! 
  • mind your distance to the boat especially if there is a current
  • apply sunblock at least 15 minutes before swimming or it'll just come off. lose-lose for you and the corals.

Overall, four days felt much too short for me, so we're planning to go back this coming summer.

Until next time. xx

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  1. Aww love the photos! Can't wait to go back.

  2. Stunning photos!!! And thanks for the tip about sunblock - I actually never thought about it, well because I don;t use sunblock but I def lather my kids with it and send them straight to the water after...changing that habit pronto.


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