In Photos: Óbidos

7:48 pm

 Óbidos was my favorite place we visited in Portugal. Quiet with classic cobblestone streets and no modern buildings. Busy enough for small businesses to thrive and big enough to get lost and explore on your own without jostling through a crowd.

If you ever find yourself there, there is a special liquor they sell called Ginjinha or Ginja de Óbidos. It's made from ginja berries (kind of like a sour cherry) and is served in a chocolate shot glass. So basically you drink up, then eat the chocolate (yum). Perfect chaser. #thisiswhyimdrunk

Ginja de Obidos

Óbidos might have been "just another medieval tourist destination", except you could walk along the walls - no railing or safety-rope; where one clumsy step or gust of wind will give you a mini heart attack. The lack of big crowds allowed me to walk along the wall on my own without running into anyone else.

  Don't fall and die.

I'll definitely be back to see more of Portugal.


Live on the edge.

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