Enchanted Kingdom

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Last Sunday, I spent most of the day at the most popular theme park in Manila - Enchanted Kingdom (EK). Lots of visual aids in this post for those who'd like to see bits of what the park looks like. I'll be throwing out tips here and there as well - here's the first tip if you're planning on staying out in the sun for a bit -

TIP #1: sunscreen - now, I miss my summer tan just like anyone else, but I can guarantee you won't like your shorts/t-shirt tan at all. Plus, I was super badass lazy that day and now...I've got a tan on my face in the form of sunglasses. Suuuper attractive

There's not much for me to say except that it was tiring, fun and HOT. And it's a good thing it was hot too, cause I got drenched in two of the rides I went on.

TIP #2:  shoes - this is tricky. You'll need comfy shoes with good support for all the walking, but on the other hand you don't want soggy socks after a wet ride...flip a coin

Rio Grande
This picture is a good segway into TIP #3 which is: pack an extra set of clothes! - and make sure they're compact and light so they don't take up too much space in your bag. (don't forget extra socks to switch out those soggy ones)

One of the highlights of my day - After four long-ass years, I finally got on a roller coaster again. And it was a glorious reunion.  Loops and loops and loops. Which brings me to TIP #4: coordinate meals and rides - give yourself some time to digest before getting on something crazy. Nobody wants to be that person that throws up during/after an AWESOME ride.

Space Shuttle

You know how the best things happen when you least expect it? We'd spent quite some time at carnival-type games where you play a game to try and win a stuffed animal, but had had no luck. TIP #5: a smile - some things may fall short of your expectations or may not go as planned - shake it off!

We had given up and, towards the end of the day, we were all getting tired and just wanted to stay inside; we found an arcade and decided to hang out there instead. As luck would have it...

After a day of losing at carnival games, we were happy to finally win at something. We won the jackpot twice - talk about positive reinforcement! We spent two hours there and traded in the points/tickets we won for Finger Twister, a mini deck of Uno cards, a regular deck of cards, a knock off nerf gun (chosen by my brother), 3 hello kitty pens, post its, and a pencil sharpener. I know it doesn't sound like much, but we were pretty happy with our little souvenirs!


Update: I LOVE the hello kitty pens. They write so well.

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