A Call to Arms: Turtle Conservation Program

10:00 pm

My first call to arms. Volunteer Opportunity: Turtle Conservation Program. Click the link for complete details! Organized by local conservation group, Save Philippine Seas in partnership with Route +63. Deadline for application is October 28, 2014.

I'm supporting and endorsing this program because of different reasons and convictions; let me just take some time to explain and hopefully enlighten you about why this is so close to my heart.

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I have always loved the sea. It's a side effect of living in a country that has over seven thousand islands to explore, I think. I've only ever been to around 20 islands, but I've spent enough time in the ocean to be completely mesmerized by its vastness and beauty. As far as my memory takes me, I have always loved the ocean. To humans, it's a mystery. Just beneath the surface could be a dolphin! Or a jellyfish.

I try to look past what the sea means to humans (source of food and fun) - it's a home. Home to different species of different sizes, all of which play a crucial part in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. Often, I feel that people forget that the ocean is part of our home just because we spend our time on land.

This foundation of love and awe led me to volunteer in different marine-related events and organizations. One turning point for me, in terms of devotion to the ocean (rhyming is fun!), was when I packed up my bags shortly after finishing school and flew to Costa Rica. I had signed up for a Turtle Conservation Program similar to the one Save Philippine Seas (SPS) has organized. I set off wanting the program to move me so much that I would drop everything and blindly devote my entire life to marine conservation; instead, what happened was that I realized that it didn't matter that I would, but how I would do that. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I learned more from the experience than I thought I would. One of the amazing things I learned during my time there was the scale of their eco-tourism; they had everything from volunteer programs in schools, construction of schools and homes, conservation in forests and in the ocean. it gave me a hope and vision that the Philippines could strive for something similar in the years to come. For me, this program represents what could be a new turn in the environmental happenings in the Philippines.

Not mentioned in the details / bonuses:
  • shorts weather all day everyday
  • awesome surfing spots in La Union
  • meeting other like-minded individuals

So if you have some extra time and lovin' to give our home, apply for the Pawikan (that's Tagalog for sea turtle) Watchers Program!

Pia x

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  1. Loved this post! So you pioneer environment conservation programs, and I pioneer health & wellness / education programs? Sounds like a plan!


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