/ˈTHaNGkfəl/ 2014

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If you can't read the phonetic thingy - it says thankful.

As a new year begins (and let's face it, I may not be off to a great start considering this post is a month overdue), it's time to reflect on the year that has passed. I feel so incredibly lucky to have experienced so many different things this year and, for the first time - I kept track of all the things I am thankful for.

Here's my 2014 highlights in pictures and some babbling.

  1. I started the year off with a metaphorical bang - GOODBYE SCHOOL. As much as I love learning and challenging different ideas, I have spent too many years within four walls!
    ...And thus began my unofficial unemployment.

  2. Costa Rica!!! This was the first time I traveled alone and I really couldn't have enjoyed it more. I was able to go at a pace I was comfortable with and do what I wanted to do - which turned out to be endlessly walking the beach, reading, snorkeling and kayaking.

    Bahia De Los Piratas, Costa Rica

  3. I flew to Indonesia with my parents shortly after getting back from Costa Rica - thanks parents. It was a bit odd because I was the only one in the group who was under 45, but I enjoyed nonetheless; the temples we visited...wow. That's all. #allexpensespaid #ImNeverMovingOut (jk yikes)

    A photo posted by Pia T (@pitum_) on

  4. In March, I (unexpectedly) had to fly back to Vancouver and as destiny would have it... I arrived just in time to watch Bastille with my sisters and cousin. Best. Concert. Ever. Read on that blog post here.

    Dan Smith, Bastille @ The Commodore

  5. Next up on the list: Graduation Ceremony!... which I did not attend... because I was in Europe with 3 awesome families! I'm not a ceremonial person (i barely even like celebrating my birthday), so I didn't mind skipping it. Actually, I'm pretty sure my parents were more disappointed about missing it than I was.

  6. Anyhoo. The whole month of May was spent in Europe. Three weeks of land touring, and 1 week on a Mediterranean cruise. Almost every day was jampacked and I think we had 8 cameras? Basically it was well documented. You can search #ETeurope on Instagram to see our shenanigans and hardcore touristing*. What a blast.

    Piazza del Colosseo, Rome

  7. Ended the #ETeurope trip with another metaphorical bang and watched 1D in Manchester with my ultimate concert partner - Pam. A night that resulted with a hoarse voice, free-flowing adrenaline, and renewed love for the boys. Did I mention we watched for free?? Thanks Tita Eileen!

  8. Shortly after getting back from Europe, I took off on a graduasian (graduation + Asia, get it? haha!) trip with my friends. I think surviving, thriving and graduating University warranted a trip. We went to Thailand, Hong Kong, and Boracay. WHAT A HOOT. Karaoke til dawn, beaches and good company (that's really all anyone needs)

    Boracay, Philippines © Jeremy Jude Lee

  9. Good background music. I do wish there was actual background music in real life like there is in movies, but oh well. Thanks Sam Smith, Bastille, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lord Huron, Ed Sheeran, and the Begin Again OST for being my life's imagined background music. 

  10. One of the perks of moving back to the Philippines: Massages. To be more specific: cheap as hell, good massages

  11. Learning to pennyboard -- if you read my post about this, this is quite an achievement.

    A photo posted by Pia T (@pitum_) on

  12. Starting work after a long, relaxing 9 month break filled with travel, fun and food.

  13. Getting closer to my brother now that we're in the same place again - and away from those pesky sisters! lol jk

  14. Reunited with my two best friends in December ♥ we took an out of town weekend trip to Puerto Galera. Days were spent exploring (and stumbling upon a couple in their secret makeout spot), while nights were spent drinking and laughing over dinner, and star gazing to end the night.

    Puerto Galera, Mindoro, Philippines

Reflecting on this past year... I really enjoyed the lack of structure. It's taught me to be more comfortable and confident with the person I am and the direction I want to take in the next few years. Although I still have a lot to work on, I'm willing to put in the time and effort to get myself from here to there. #workhardplayhard

Right now, it feels like 2014 is going to be a hard year to beat, but I'm feeling pretty optimistic about what the next few years hold.


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  1. Love this! Your 2014 was definitely the best among all of ours. Gonna be a tough one to beat but we'll try to with all our trips this summer! Countdown 3 months!


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