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If it's not obvious from past blog posts - I'm a big Bastille fan. When I found out they were coming to Manila, I put an alarm on my phone to let me know when pre-sale was coming. There was a lot of nervous sweating going on when the internet decided to be slow while I was trying to buy the tickets. Lots.

Dan Smith, Bastille in Manila © Pia T.
On the day of the concert, we arrived at the venue at 2pm. ("We" being me, my sister Patch, and our brother Emil.) There was already a ton of people in line, so we'd given up hope of being in the front row. (If you read my first concert post, you'll remember that being in the front row is basically a requirement.) But que sera sera, we figured we could somehow push our way to the front.

Some time after we got there, security had this stupid (brilliant for us - because it was our lucky break) idea of moving the line. A bunch of people started running and made a dash and so we somehow found ourselves much closer to the front of the line. This unfortunately made some people [who got there a lot earlier] pretty angry. I considered moving to the back of the line but my sister said you gotta be tough at concerts - 'you snooze you lose' mantra. Security's "brilliant" idea also had the guys and girls line up separately. To this day, I do NOT understand the purpose of this - groups were broken up and... just... no. This also worked to our advantage because my brother was near the front of the boys' line and was able to save a spot for me and my sister once we got inside. YYAAAASSSS

Bastille in Manila © Patch T.
Soooooo we were in the front row! I have never been more squished at a concert but it was definitely worth it. At the first show, we were in front of Kyle and Dan; this time, we were right in front of Will and Dan.

© Pia T.
It was such an amazing show. Would I go as far as to say that it's the best show I've been to? ....yes, legit. From where I was standing, the energy from the band and from the crowd was unparalleled. In the middle of the show, Dan said something about being an old fart dad, that we all looked really squished and asked us to move back and space out a bit.... The response was a chorus of very loud "Noooo[s]" of course.

My instinct is to compare the two shows I've been to. Show 1 (Apr. 2014) was more intimate, which is probably how I have such treasured eye contact memories. Show 2 (Jan. 2015) was bigger and the crowd was insane. Similarities? Dan's dance moves and energy. Oh and his shirt -he was wearing the same shirt as he was 9 months ago. #outfitrepeater LOL whatever, it's an awesome shirt. The set list was pretty similar too - so glad I got to hear Dan sing No Scrubs live. Great showmanship (as usual) and vocals were on point as well.

Insider details:
  • Dan cut his finger two songs in because he kept trying to move the fan placed in front of him. lol Dan
  • Woody threw his drumsticks to the crowd after they played Oblivion.
  • All the guys were energetic, playful and interacted a lot with the audience. ♥ 
    • Will is a tease. He kept winking and grinning and making girls and boys swoon.

      © Pia T.
    • Dan showcased cool Bastille art that people brought, and also took a lucky girl's phone in the middle of a song and started taking selfies.
    • At one point all the guys wore bunny-ear headbands that someone in the crowd threw them. Awesome.

      © Pia T.
      © Pia T.
After the show, we waited outside for a bit but the band didn't come out to say hi like they usually do (dammit). A friend of mine did meet them at a club later that night though (double dammit).

There's only two things I would change about this experience:
  1. Pam didn't join us. BOOOO.
  2. The ever elusive Will. Must track him down to sign my art thingy; his is the only signature missing!

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For those of you who'd like to see, I recorded and uploaded The Draw and Poet onto YouTube. Disclaimer: Excuse the audio; I was literally less than a meter away from a giant speaker.

Until next time. xx

© Pia T.

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