Dad and I

1:52 am

My dad and I share the same birthday; I was born the day he turned 35 - so basically I'm the best birthday gift he ever got. jk

Anyway, I've recently been thinking about life and how we have to play the cards we're dealt. We don't have any say over what kind of family we're born into, and I just wanted to have a dad-appreciation-post in celebration of our birthday and to acknowledge everything he does for our family.

Aside from our birthday, we share the following traits:
  1. incredibly unyielding (read: stubborn)
  2. stingy - basically, a sucker for sales
  3. love for reading - granted, he reads the newspaper and I read fiction.

Not photographed: the baby bro; he was born a few years after these were taken and we weren't cute anymore.

P.S. Also thanks for making sure we were water babies; my life is all the more better for being able to appreciate salt water. xx

Happy birthday to us!

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