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Or rather, the current lack of variety.

I started blogging mostly as a way to help stay in touch with friends and family; a lot of people have moved to different parts of the world, and while there are more and more ways to stay in touch with each other - I suck at it. I really do. I've tried to work on this in the last few years, but it's happened in shorts spurts of catching up with people then several months go by before we talk again (with the exception of liking their Instagram pictures, or commenting on a few Facebook posts).

When I started, I also told myself that I would post about anything and everything that interests me so the blog would reflect all my interests instead of just one aspect. Looking through my previous posts, I realize they're basically all about different trips I've taken.... plus 2 Bastille posts (yaas). Given, these are the more interesting and fun parts of my life, but my life isn't all travel and sun (unfortunately). SO. Basically. New resolution! I'm going be more faithful to me. I'm not a brand, I'm a person. I have different facets to myself, and they all deserved to be expressed. Like I bet you didn't know I can ramble - which I think is what I'm doing now.

On a tangent, I want to share my struggle with social media. When I join a new platform (usually late), I tell myself that it doesn't matter how many followers I have, how many likes I get, or how pretty my feed is - I should just be me. In the beginning, it's almost a mantra: "It doesn't matter. It does not matter. It. Does. Not. Matter. Remember that." All is well and good until I start receiving affirmation (e.g. likes, comments) and then the mantra gradually fades into the background.

It's like noticing you get a few more likes than usual when you post sunset pictures and when you use hashtags, then BAM before you know it 99% of your feed is sunset pictures captioned with #sunset #sunrise #whoknows #blessed #beautiful #life #happyplace #thinking #hashtag. I rarely ever use hashtags, but I'll admit my Instagram feed is basically all beach pics........ so hey if you like beach/sea pics go check it out L O L jk. (really, I have an abundance of sea pics cause I think it's the most beautiful place to be). I'm getting away from my point; in a nutshell: whatever platform I'm on, if it's a personal page or account, it should never be so carefully curated that the result isn't me.

ANYWAY. My mantra is back and determined to stay. Stick around (if you like) for more me and more variety. ☮ ♥

(I can't NOT throw in a gorgeous sea pic)

(you may as well get used to me throwing in irrelevant pictures in these wordy posts)

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  1. More posts like this please!!! I LOVE IT.
    I LOVE YOU. Miss you.


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