In Photos: BALI // Temples and Rice Fields

10:00 pm

Bali was a lot bigger than I  expected. Seeing as we (my sis, cousin and I) were only staying for a few days, we limited ourselves to Ubud; it was exactly as I thought it would be: perennially chill, just the way I like it. We basically walked everywhere, and it was a nice way to explore and really take in our surroundings. There are temples located within the city, so it's accessible and easy to find - you just blindly follow other groups of tourists. lol

Despite Bali bustling with tourists and whatnot, it's easy find a quiet place of your own where you can just be. There are lots of hidden gems where you can spend all day reading a book and breathing in the fresh air by the rice fields (which is basically what we did).

Kind of in love with Bali; if 'kind of' meant 'totally' then yeah, kind of in love.

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