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I love movies almost as much as I love reading. Experiencing everything just isn't possible and these two mediums, when well executed, are windows into a different life. Through them, I am exposed to different points of view, humor, and values.

When I stumble upon a book or movie I've particularly enjoyed or have been moved by, I feel the need to share it with others. So far, my friends and I don't share the same taste in movies (except for common crowd pleasers); I don't feel that I can impose my preferences on them BUT I can impose on my siblings (that's what they're there for, right?)

Now that they've finished their exams, they have more time to bum around and so I emailed them a list of movies to watch. Before you think how formal - emailing your sibs a movie list? -  it was too long to text, see for yourself:

From: Pia
To: Patch, Pam
Cc: Emil


I know you don't always trust my movie recommendations ever since I said The Impossible wasn't heavy but can we please put that behind us and can you please watch these movies. Emil has seen a bunch of these as well, so you can get a second opinion from him.

- w/ music ala 'Begin Again'
- i love the music, please watch dis
- about: similar to Begin Again, it's around using music as an avenue to vent and process feelings
- PLOT TWIST like woah where did that come from
- cast: idk the main dude, Anton Yelchin, cameo from Selena Gomez (i rly don't like her acting, good thing she only has a super small role)

5 to 7
- cast: Anton Yelchin (minor role in Star Trek)
- small/indie film
- topic it depicts is serious (to me) but is portrayed in a very light/fun way
- about: unconventional relationships, love
- lessons: societal pressures, parental responsibilities, wrong timing (f that)

Ferris Bueller's Day Off (80s)
- super feel good, GV, light movie - a must watch

Some Kind of Wonderful (80s)
- referenced in He's Just Not That Into You
- a whole lotta high school and dating cliches but still cute
- small role played by Marty McFly's mom (Back to the Future)

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
- bit weird/dark cause it's about a breakup
- really good plot and lesson, but I am not sure if the execution is your type
- theme: memory, love
- cast: Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Mark Ruffalo, Elijah Wood, Kirsten Dunst

Accidental Love
- silly, romcom
- cast: James Marsden, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Biel

The Dressmaker
- Liam Hemsworth
- oh im sorry did you need another reason to watch this movie
- fine
- Kate Winslet
- about: overcoming what other people think of you through talent, luv, small town gossip
- good mix of serious and funny

Ex Machina
- about: artificial intelligence (AI), subjectivity, deception
- triiiipppyy; sometimes has thriller vibes, not a light watch - serious thinking movie
- because it's a movie about AI, it'll have you analysing each scene with Alicia and you determine the reality
- cast: Domhnall Gleeson (About Time, Star Wars, HP, he's the best), Alicia Vikander (no explanation needed luv her), Oscar Isaac

Like Crazy
- cast: Anton Yelchin (again hehe i like his movie picks), Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything), JLaw minor role
- about: LDR, trials of LDR
- I'm not too crazy about the ending, but i like everything else in between. it feels honest, realistic

Cinderella (2015)
- good adaptation
- about: cute princes crushin on you lol
- light, easy to watch, cute

Mona Lisa's Smile
- I guarantee you will love it.
- cast: Julia Roberts, Ginnifer Goodwin (Something Borrowed, he's just not that into you), Maggie Gyllenhaal, Kirsten Dunst, Julia Stiles, Topher Grace
- please be convinced by the cast alone
- about: women empowerment and education, love
- set in the late 50s I think? 

Irrational Man
- cast: Emma Stone, Joaquin Phoenix
- dir: Woody Allen
- easy to watch, has a mystery element to it
- touches on Philosophy, will to live

Magic in the Moonlight
- cast: Emma Stone, Colin Firth.
- dir: Woody Allen (again)
- setting: 1950s, Versailles <3
- plot: a rational man hoping to unmask a psychic he believes is swindling his friends
- themes: perception, love

side note: I love Woody Allen. I can just imagine him having conversations with his friends, and from one small comment someone says (that he thinks is interesting) this whole plot develops around that concept and then he makes a movie about it. It's fascinating. I love the themes of his movies because they're not necessarily big things like overthrowing dystopic powers (e.g. Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, etc.) where it's all "what if we lived in a world like this" or dramatic love stories (hi Nicholas Sparks). W.Allen's settings are in this world, our reality, and you can easily imagine that someone, somewhere, at some point in time experienced or will experience exactly what you're watching.

I think one of the reasons why I like his films is that he's very good at showcasing the psychological and social aspects of these "every day" events that slowly build up throughout the movie that eventually has the character make some change in their life. And most of the time life is small things happening that does lead to a big change.. in lifestyle, attitude, beliefs, etc. Not sure if you guys are into that.

The most mainstream of his that I think you guys might like is the above -- Magic in the Moonlight and Irrational Man. If you like those, you can try watching more of his stuff -- see below.

Midnight in Paris
- cast: Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, small role: Marion Cotillard, cameo: Tom Hiddleston
- dir: Woody Allen
- about: present cultural dissatisfaction, time travel
- a bit slow, but enjoyable. I liked the concept and lesson

Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)
- revolves around 5 characters -- 3 sisters, husband, and ex-husband
- family, infatuation, marital stuff
- family drama involved (i mean rly what did you expect would happen in a movie w/ 3 sisters)
- dir. Woody Allen

Vicky Cristina Barcelona
- set in Barcelona. duh
- cast: Scarlett Johansson, Penelope Cruz, etc.
- 2 friends fall in love with an artist lol
- about: unconventional relationships, marriage
- dir: Woody Allen

And Emil will recommend Quentin Tarantino namely

Hateful Eight
- in classic QT fashion, it was crass and dirty 
- set in the 1800s (i think) in the US
- cast: Samuel Jackson and other Quentin regulars, one cameo that surprised me haha
- murder-mystery vibes, ala Clue (the boardgame)
- it was actually really entertaining, captivating and funny. as you do Quentin, as you do.

PLEASE WATCH. At the very least please watch Rudderless and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Please. Must. Next after that would be 5 to 7.

(Emil, please make them watch.....)

If you have time to read, Emil brought over really good books as well :)

--- end email ---

Those bitches better watch some of these. (love u guys)


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